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GIVE is an investment club open to everyone. Each member pays a monthly contribution of $ 50, 100 or 150 and together we manage a portfolio of shares that respect ethical and vegan values. GIVE offers its members an environment of learning, exchange and conviviality.

Our mission

We promote vegan values by way of profitable investments, in an environment that encourages learning, sharing and conviviality.

In support of our mission, our practices are:

  • Providing an environment for that encourages learning, sharing and conviviality, as it pertains to investing
  • Acquiring shares of companies whose products, services and processes promise to play a key role in reducing animal exploitation
  • Investing capital and helping individuals with promising business projects
  • Offering reasonable returns and sharing risk

Investing in our values


We exclude all companies whose practice involves animal exploitation in any form.


The environmental impact is validated, based on the products and services offered, as well as the company’s processes


We consider the management practices of the company to ensure these are ethical, including the social role that they play.


What is an investment club?
An investment club is made up of a small group of about 50 people. Each member has agreed to pool together a regular monthly deposit into the club with the goal of building and managing a collective portfolio of investments. In addition to investing, another objective is to enable its members to learn and understand the economic, financial and stock market mechanisms, this is accomplished through the sharing amongst members.
How to apply ?
It’s very simple ! First, learn about the process for new members (Link to process). It consists of 3 steps: 1) Become familiar with GIVE, 2) Apply for membership to the GIVE waiting list and 3) Introduce yourself and wait for the vote of the partners.
How much does it cost ?
Associates pay a one-time membership fee of $ 100.00, payable when joining GIVE. This charge is not counted as a deposit. Thereafter, each partner makes a monthly deposit of $ 50, or $ 100, or $ 150.
Do you have to be an investment expert?
No, GIVE is open to anyone interested in learning more about investing and who shares the values of veganism. GIVE offers an accessible environment for learning, sharing and conviviality.
How do you verify that companies are truly vegan?
We ensure through a due diligence process that the companies in which we invest respect our values (LINK to the charter). We use publicly available information (website, report, etc.), company certifications and company commitments. If in doubt, we contact the company.
Is this an eligible investment for an RRSP or a TFSA?
No. Contributions made by GIVE members are not eligible for a registered plan such as an RRSP or TFSA.










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Share your questions with us, we will be happy to discuss our initiative with you! You can also contact at info[at]