A little bit about us

We have a confession to make: we are not traders. We do not have an office at Place Ville Marie. and our brokerage experience is limited to a few investments for our own RRSPs and TFSAs via online brokerage platforms.

If we have launched GIVE, it is precisely to make investing something fun, social and rewarding. The stakes are high… we are aware of it. At GIVE you will not find an investment expert in a suit and tie telling others what to buy and what to sell. Decisions are collective. All members – regardless of their background – have their place at GIVE and each member has a say. GIVE is above all a community of curious and passionate people who want to make investing accessible and unpretentious.

Although we adhere to vegan values, we are not an activist organization. At GIVE, we believe that change also involves investing in companies that develop healthy products and services, respectful of the planet and all its living beings. The purpose of the club is not to convince you to change nor judge your lifestyle. There are enough people giving their opinion on the “right” way to live.

By making investing more accessible, GIVE wants to give each of its members the opportunity to be better equipped to make their own investments. We don’t make false promises of returns. The only thing we promise you is tolerance, fun, and learning in a friendly environment.

Invest with a friendly community in companies that play an important role in reducing animal exploitation.


Julien Hivon

Why am I vegan? I became vegan for ethical reasons. With some adjustments in my daily life, I was able to avoid unnecessary suffering. Why not do it ?

What was my inspiration? There are so many! Martin Gilbert’s book Voir son steak comme un animal mort allowed me to build my vegan thinking (and to have arguments for those around me) and the works of Loonie and Jean-Philippe Cyr are good ressources when I need some inspiration for my supper.

Why GIVE ? GIVE is like answering a need that I have as an investor. I always look for financial products aligned with my values. A vegan investment does not exist. Why not create it?


Why am i vegan? I initially chose to be vegan for ethical reasons. As i learned more, a second reason was to support a better environment and planet for all living life.

What was my inspiration? As a child I was often confused about loving animals and yet being told it was ok to eat them. An older sibling felt the same way and i learned i had a choice. I have stopped eating meat since. It has be over 30 years and I never looked back!

Why GIVE ? GIVE represents who i am, a vegan with a career centered around finances. I am thrilled to support companies who are looking to make this world a kinder and more sustainable home for us all.


François Burra

Why am I vegan? I was made aware of the health issues related to the consumption of animal products at first and my environmental fiber reinforced my desire to become vegan. Now, there is no turning back considering the suffering caused by this mode of consumption.

What is your inspiration ? I am convinced that systemic issues begin with individual changes and that the choice to be aligned with your values without compromise can inspire others.

Why GIVE ? I need to be aligned with my values, both in my life and in my investments. Investing in vegan businesses was not available before GIVE. Now, it is.


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Share your questions with us, we will be happy to discuss our initiative with you! You can also contact at info[at]givemtl.ca

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