Investing to reduce animal exploitation

We pool our savings to invest in vegan businesses and combat animal exploitation.
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Our mission

Groupe d’Investissement Végane et Éthique (GIVE) is a club that offers an accessible and friendly learning environment. Together, we manage a portfolio of stocks that respect our values.

Pooled contributions

Each member makes a monthly contribution of $50, $100 or $150 which will be pooled for future investments.

Committed investments

The club is acquiring shares of companies whose products and services promise to play a key role in reducing animal exploitation.

Sharing of returns

GIVE members manage the portfolio together and thereby share in the returns and risks.

Open to all

All Canadians 18 years old and over are welcome to join the club. All members will vote to approve your application.


GIVE offers its members an environment of learning, exchange and conviviality.


Each partner has a right to vote. All decisions are made according to a collective decision-making process.


GIVE is an organization managed by its members and relies on everyone’s participation to guarantee the group’s success.

Invest with your values


We exclude all companies that manufacture and sale products and/or services which involve any form of animal exploitation.


We study the environmental impact of the products or services offered as well as the processes used.


We look at the management practices of the company, as well as the social role they play.

” I often find it difficult to grow and evolve in a society where the animal exploitation is the norm. With GIVE, my savings do not finance animal suffering. I also enjoy meeting like minded people who share these same concerns. “


Member of GIVE since January 2021 and member of the innovation committee

The vegan economy triples in value every year. Make the most it!



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Last updated: June 10, 2024

Beyond Meat
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Partnership with Microcrédit Montréal

Entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are Québec’s economic heart. No less that 99% of Québec’s businesses are SMEs. Astonishing! All these SMEs started with an entrepreneur and an idea.

GIVE is extremely proud to partner with Microcrédit Montréal. Our $5000 loan will propel entrepreneurs in their vegan projects.

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