Our values

GIVE is part of an anti-specist mouvement. All living beings deserve to enjoy the same fundamental freedoms and rights, animal’s rights can no longer be ignored.

In doing this we need to rid ourselves of our prejudices with respect to animal welfare. This in turn will impact our behaviours and better protect our environment as well as our social well being.

Education, political lobbying and sensitization prove to be some of the most effective ways to improve animal welfare. Here at GIVE we know that change also occurs with how people spend their money. Hence investmenting in companies that develop products and services, that are respectful as a whole to our planet and all its inhabitants, will also create change.

Our goal is to invest in companies whose products and services do not exploit animals, are environmentally friendly and whose overall management respects ethical standards in how they operate and treat their people. Although no one company is likely to be perfect, we will invest in those that provide the best overall social return, as well as a reasonable return on investment.
We will aim for a buy and hold strategy, holding most of our investments long term. In doing this we will avoid short term speculation.
We are convinced that holding investments long term will provide a voice in these companies, to allow us to further share our values and have an impact.

It is much simpler to adopt a vegan lifestyle when there are available alternatives to exploiting animals. In order for these alternatives to continue to be created, they must be financed as a first step.

GIVE excludes investing in all companies that:

  • Use food and/or beverages that contain any animal product (ex: grocers, restaurants)
  • Manufactures or sales clothing which harm or kill animals (ex: leather, fur, wool)
  • Manuractures or sales product that uses any animal testing
    Raises animals for food or experimentation
  • Does not answer to the high standards of equity and transparency, such as discrimination and abusive treatment of its people
  • Does not answer to the high standards in respecting the environment.

Prior to each investment, verifications will be made by members of GIVE to ensure the company meets the criteria from GIVE’s charter.

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