Moving forward together and faster

These are the commitments we make in our ecosystem.

Setting up a vegan fund with Microcredit Montreal

Entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized businesses are the economic lifeblood of Quebec. More than 99% of Quebec businesses are small and medium-sized. That’s saying something! All these businesses first started with an entrepreneur and an idea.

GIVE is extremely proud to be associated with Microcredit Montreal. Our $5000 loan will empower entrepreneurs in their vegan and ethical projects.

Co-creation of a Canadian coalition for a sustainable food transition

The Coalition for Sustainable Food Transition is a group of Canadian environmental and animal welfare associations of which GIVE is a member. The Coalition for Sustainable Food Transition was created for the 2021 federal election to promote a food transition to more plant-based foods for Canadians.

Sharing best practices with other investment clubs

Organizing joint events and sharing best practices with the Ethical Investment Group (EIG) and the Responsible Investment Club of Quebec (CIRQC). This allows GIVE to benefit from these two clubs’ long-term experience in responsible investment.

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